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ANPRIn the United Kingdom, Automatic Number Plate Reader technology (ANPR) is recognised as an essential tool designed to assist law enforcement agencies with crime prevention and enforcement. ELSAGNA, a Finmeccanica company, offers proven accurate industry leading ANPR technology, the Mobile Plate Hunter-900® (MPH-900®), with both mobile and fixed capabilities.

The MPH-900 ANPR is a surveillance method using Optical Character Recognition to read number plates on vehicles from any country. Based on highly advanced, proprietary algorithms, the MPH-900 Automatic Number Plate Reader can read plates displaying any type of characters in any color combination, including non-reflective scenarios. The system can read up to 1,100 plates per minute accurately, day or night and in any weather.

The MPH-900 ANPR system also gathers criminal intelligence data. It records the date and time of the number plate reading and also captures GPS coordinates of the suspect vehicle’s location. The MPH-900 ANPR is much more versatile and informative than video analytics systems because it is fully mobile and works in real time without having to slow traffic in order to read number plates. It also works without user intervention and can even read difficult plates accurately in unfavorable conditions such as low light.