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“We are a small department. How can the MPH-900® ANPR be used by my department?”
The size of your department does not affect the need for ANPR. Small, medium, and large departments are currently deploying our Automatic Number Plate Readers, and experiencing incredible success in their individual operations.

ANPR aids in missions,(incidents) such as:

  • Recovery of Stolen Vehicles
  • Terrorist Interdiction
  • Identification of suspended and revoked drivers
  • Secures sensitive areas with Geo-fencing
  • Gang and narcotic interdiction
  • Collection of Vehicle Tax, Fines, and Fees
  • Homeland Security Initiatives
  • Highway and Traffic Safety

“What is OCR?”
OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and is an acronym heard often when discussing ANPR. OCR refers to the camera’s ability to scan the images of letters and numbers on a licence plate, and then translate those images into text. The images of licence plates are scanned by infrared light housed in each camera head. The infrared light scans the images of licence plates and then simultaneously translates those images into computerized text in the span of milliseconds. ANPR uses OCR to capture up to1,100 plates per minute.

“What is the installation process for the MPH-900 ANPR?”
An ELSAGNA representative will help your department install and set-up your new MPH-900 technology. The ANPR system is comprised of two, three, or four cameras fixed to the patrol car. The MPH-900 software is installed on your existing MDT. The Operations Center Suite Software can be installed on a “home-based” server to wirelessly collect data and upload current hot lists to the patrol cars.

“What happens if our department experiences technical issues with the ANPR system?”
ELSAGNA is committed to helping our customers 24/7! This literally means that someone will answer your call and talk you through your technical issue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customers are our number 1 priority.

“Is it possible to custom design our MPH-900 ANPR system?”
Absolutely! ELSAGNA specializes in custom designed solutions to each agency’s needs. We have created many new solutions based on feedback from our agency customers. We are experienced in custom designs and installation, and are excited to further your agency goals with our Advanced Number Plate Reader technology!

“How many plates can the MPH-900 ANPR read?”
The MPH-900 can capture up to 1,800 licence plates per minute! Day or night, rain or shine, the MPH-900 is working to capture hundreds of number plates per second.

“How will the MPH-900 aid in investigations?”
The MPH-900 ANPR captures a colour image of the licence plate, date and time stamps, and GPS coordinates of the vehicle. This data can be reviewed in relation to investigations and can help lead to critical breaks such as placing a suspect at a scene, witness identification, pattern recognition or the tracking of suspect individuals.