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ANPRThe power of the MPH-900® Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology enhances public safety, assists in safer roads, and enables police officers to be more proactive and safer.

Daily, criminals use vehicles—either stolen or their own—to commit crimes. The MPH-900® ANPR technology reads vehicle number plates and gathers other intelligence which can alert authorities to vehicles of interest, link criminals to suspect vehicles, and link vehicles to crime scenes. Additionally, the MPH-900’s capabilities are pivotal in delivering data in a variety of operations, denying criminals the opportunity to drive without a Vehicle Excise Licence, insurance, MOT, driving licence, proper registration of the vehicle or whilst disqualified.

Globally, police and other law enforcement agencies, as well as commercial companies are using the MPH-900® ANPR to assist operations such as:
• Recovery of stolen vehicles
• Highway monitoring and accident reduction
• Disrupting major crime, drugs, gang activity, terrorism
• Homeland Security initiatives
• Border control and surveillance
• Access control
• Traffic analysis
• Decriminalised traffic offences
• Toll monitoring and enforcement
• Bus lane control
• Parking control and enforcement
• Weigh-In-Motion enforcement
• Journey time measurement

The MPH-900® is the most advanced Automatic Number Plate Reader available. With superior algorithm technology, no other system comes close to its ease of deployment, capabilities, and accuracy.